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2021 Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarship Essay
1.  Up to four (4) scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year will be awarded to up to four (4) applicants who shall be one of the following:
♦ a recent high school graduate (during the 2020-2021 academic year),
♦ a full-time college or vocational training student,
♦ a building trades union affiliated apprentice, or
♦ a building trades union member engaged in furthering his/her education or skills to the benefit of his/her craft and Indiana's Building Trades Unions.
The value of each scholarship is $1,000.00.  Each applicant must be a member or dependent child of a member of a local building trades union in good standing with the Indiana State Building and Construction Trades Council.
2. The winners will be selected from all entrants who submit a short essay on 2021 Essay Topic listed below.
In these challenging times, many young adults may not see a clear path to a secure economic future. What do you see as the future of the Building Trades?
3. Essays should be between 600 and 1,500 words in length, be typewritten, double-spaced, and follow APA guidelines for formatting style.
4. Entries MUST include: a cover sheet with the following information:
♦ Student’s name,
♦ Mailing address,
♦ E-mail address,
♦ Name of university, college, or vocational school which he/she is attending or plans to attend; name of joint apprenticeship training center in which currently enrolled; name of building trades local union and continuing education sought or engaged in,
♦ His/her relationship to a building trades union member, and
♦ The name of the local union of which that person is a member.
5. Entries MUST be mailed to: Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o Indiana State Building and Construction Trades Council, 150 W. Market St., Suite 805, Indianapolis, IN 46204.
6. Entries MUST be received by 5:00 p.m. EDT, Thursday, July 1, 2021.  Entries received after this time will not be considered.
7. When received, each essay will be assigned a number. A master list will show the number and the name of the person submitting the essay. The review committee will NOT see the name of the applicant or the cover sheet accompanying the essay. Any personal information included within the essay will be redacted. Therefore, the review committee makes their selection based solely on the content of the essay.
8. All essays submitted shall become the property of the Indiana State Building and Construction Trades Council and entrants give express permission for publication of all entries including the name of each author.
9. The Executive Board of the Indiana State Building and Construction Trades Council shall administer this scholarship program, and its decision shall be final.
10. Selection of scholarship recipients will be announced on or after July 23, 2021.  Winners will be notified by both e-mail and U.S. Mail.  Those not winning will be notified via e-mail.  

2021 Edwin Marsh Scholarship Essay Topic is the Indiana Union Construction Industry’s website for apprenticeship exploration and application.  Critique it!

The essay should be a broad, well-rounded assessment of the website and include the following:
♦Is the content appropriate and valuable to an aspiring apprentice who wants to learn about the Building Trades? Explain why or why not.  How would you improve the content?

♦Is it easy to explore each building trade’s apprenticeship program and understand what each trade does?

♦If you wanted to apply for a specific building trades apprenticeship program, does this site allow you to do so?

♦Does the website appeal to communities or groups which may have been historically underrepresented in the building trades? If not, what can be done to improve the website and make it more inclusive or appealing?

♦Is the website easy to navigate?  What adjustments, if any, would you make and why?

♦Does the website display and function well on a mobile device? What adjustments, if any, would you make to the mobile version and why?

Essays are not limited to the above questions, and should also include your personal critique of the website, such as your first impression, likes and dislikes, graphic design, etc.
The 2021 winners of the Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarships are Cole Doniger, Morgan Hippie, Anthony Saberniak, and Rebecca Stevens.
The 2020 winners of the Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarships were Travis Kirsch, Taylor Ann Starkey, and Ethan Yoder.
The 2019 winners of the Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarships were Taylor Ann Starkey, Rebecca Stevens, and Ethan Yoder.

The 2018 winners of the Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarships were Hannah Duncan and Taylor Ann Starkey.
The 2017 winners of the Edwin Marsh Memorial Scholarships were Ashley Starkey and Justina Savage.

2020 Biennial Convention of Indiana's Building Trades Unions
The 2020 biennial convention, originally scheduled for October 21 through 23, 2020, in French Lick, Indiana, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officer elections will be held at 2022 convention as previously scheduled. 
Helmets to Hardhats is a public/private partnership to created to assist returning U.S. armed forces personnel in their transition to civilian career paths. The Helmets to Hardhats program allows returning servicemen direct entry into the Joint Labor/Management Apprenticeship Programs of Indiana's union construction industry. This public/private partnership saves taxpayer dollars by reducing the transition period that military personnel typically experience upon discharge and allows these individuals to obtain associate's degrees from Ivy Tech State College.